Number Nine was suggested to me by Trippersound, home to 24Hours. Knowing little about the band and their sound, I was directed towards some of their live videos.

number 9 the boy looked at johnny

They have a fun and upbeat melodic rock style that alters a little bit depending on the song. The boy looked at Johnny released in November 2012, but I was only able to listen to the album at the beginning of 2013.

Number Nine mix their style from song to song moving from faster tempo tracks to ballad-esque rock. Songs like “Psychic Pie” have a very British rock influence that favors simpler guitar chords and continuously moving drum beats. It doesn’t slow down until the very end.

Other songs like “먹다버린 레몬” are much more groove-based and have an American indie rock tone. My favorite song on the album is “돌아와” because it comes across very straight-forward. It’s not technically advanced or difficult to play, but Number Nine sound like they really enjoy playing the song. You will hear a small amount of English-language songs like “It’s Alright,” but the majority of the album is in Korean.

It’s difficult to really place the band next to another similar style because it has themes of British rock, American indie rock, indie pop, and even occasionally alternative-country. The closest relatively similar artist would be The Black Skirts. The boy looked at Johnny has 12 songs, but the album plays quickly and by the end, you want more music.

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