Morrie is another discovery on bandcamp. A female singer, Morrie comes across like Han Heejung and some other guitar-accompanied vocalists. While it sounds a little more pop than indie, Morrie has a good voice, if a little high. Her music is still interesting to listen to though for singer-songwriter style of music.

morrie the music died in the air

Some of the earlier songs have an overly “cute” theme, but the first song that is worth listening to is “love fool.” It expands beyond a simple guitar, vocal, and small instrumental additions to a fully realized song. love fool still isn’t the most complicated song and you won’t really find a multi-layered instrumental song on the album. The best songs are in the tail-end of the music died in the air.

The album really feels like an in-between album or background music record. There isn’t a song where Morrie really shows off her vocals and the songs lack a little variety. That might be the biggest problem with the music died in the air, many of the songs are similar. It could be the arrangements of the songs, but the presentation of the songs don’t change that much. It’s a combination of Morrie’s vocals, piano, or guitar.

The album does start becoming more interesting on subsequent listens, but the first impression is a little lacking. If you enjoy simple acoustic songs, Morrie is a good artist to explore.

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