Crying Nut play amazing live shows and I was able to watch them live in 2012 three times. Wild Wild Live may be the only way some people will be able to listen to the band live, short of traveling to Seoul. The live album was recorded in 2003, so it’s missing the fifth and sixth album’s songs.

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With four albums of songs to pull from, you get two full albums of live music. The live recordings do sound a little hollow, like the microphones were a little far from the stage and they didn’t record from the soundboard. Crying Nut’s energy is still captured on the songs though and their amazing live show is still captured.

The double album contains 24 songs, many of them classic Crying Nut songs like “배짱이” and “다죽자.” The most popular song “말달리자” also makes its presence on the second disc and you can hear the audience participation. Having heard the same song live, they have the same energy now that they did back in 2003.

Wild Wild Live is an amazing collection of songs from Crying Nut. If you need one album from the band, this one is a great one to add to your collection.

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