Garlixx is a bit of a difficult band to classify. They have a very “beach side” sound, but also have a bit of a folk influence in their music. It’s familiar when you listen to it, but saying it fits into one genre is difficult.


The four song single does contain some great songs from the first “잘생겼잖아” and moving on. 잘생겼잖아 does have a strong organic recording and sounds like the band spent more time recording as a full-band than individual members. The vocals never seem to take a break with lyrics being presented at double the speed of the song.

Really, Garlixx sound like a great acoustic party band where everyone sings together which is best heard on “도넛” complete with kazoo. The band is made up of primarily guitar, bass, conga, and other percussion instruments on most songs giving the band a great sound. There is a full drum kit on “잘생겼잖아” along with organ, but that’s not the standard.

There’s a fun element on 잘생겼잖아 where you will probably listen to the single quickly, but come back to it repeatedly. Hopefully the band has more music coming soon because they create really addictive songs.

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