Herz Analog‘s acoustic and lighter style is very like the style that Pastel Music releases. Focusing on a mix of acoustic and almost classical songs, the debut full-length is perfect for people looking for music that doesn’t have to be listened to directly.

herz analog

The self-titled album has little in fast tempos and the tracks differ from full band to classical instrumentals. It’s not the most engaging album that you may hear, but does speak to people who enjoy this style of indie music. Herz Analog does feature guest vocals from Lucia and others as well as Herz Analog’s own vocals.

Strangely, the guest vocals have more impact than the songs sung by Herz Analog. The album is straight forward and doesn’t really have any surprises. The instrumental songs do have more engaging melodies while the acoustic guitar and additional instrumental songs are a little static. There is definitely an audience for Herz Analog, but the album doesn’t have a strong standout song.

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