When any hip-hop artist announces that they’re going to release a mixtape, I’m immediately interested because the songs that they release are usually the most experimental and interesting to listen to. The Quiett is a artist who I’ve listened to for a while and I’ve always enjoyed his releases.


Ambitiqn does have the Illionaire shine to it, the beats are very distinct for the label and with guest vocals like Dok2, Beenzino, and Jay Park it’s easy to see this was a collaboration of friends. Beats on Ambitiqn are bass strong and the melodies sound less like samples and more like created lines.

It’s difficult to describe The Quiett’s style of rhyming, but he does have a definite groove when he flows from beat to beat. The guest vocals add a separate and conflicting style giving songs more definition. There is a mixture of new and old styles with some songs reminding me of older The Quiett releases where samples were strongly used in making songs.

Ambitiqn is a win-win release. It was originally released for free and contain some of the most engaging songs from The Quiett. It’s always great to hear new music from the artists on Illionaire Records. The Quiett is a hip-hop artist who has been making music for a long time and he hasn’t forgotten his roots.

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