It’s been a few years since Clazziquai Project released a full-length. Members went and explored individual music and finally came back for the 2013 release. The singles that released in front of the official album didn’t interest me as much as older music and I was curious to know what the album would sound like. It’s possible the music videos didn’t convey what the audio was presenting.

clazziquai project blessed

Blessed is a good album that uses the vocal abilities of Alex and Horan very well though the duo still seem to only use one style of singing on most of the songs. The beats created by DJ Clazzi are very similar to his solo work while mixing the recognized style of Clazziquai Project into these new songs.

After hearing the solo work of Horan and Alex, it does feel like they are underutilized on some songs with the repeating lyrics. Blessed does present a more mature sound rather than straight forward dance pop. It speaks to old and new fans of the group.

Blessed may not be the return that most people were expecting, but the trio have created an album that speaks for them currently in 2012-2013 rather than the music created before. It’s also kind of plain to see that the three are growing into separate directions in their music. As Clazziquai Project is primarily DJ Clazzi, the trio can always come together to make new music in the future after exploring their personal interests.

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