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장윤주 (Jang Yoon Ju) : I’m Fine

장윤주 may not be classified as an indie artist and fits more with a Korean jazz description, but the songs on her album mix genres while focusing a lot on her voice. I’m Fine is a perfect example of how the vocals in a song can fit any number of styles.

jang yoon ju i'm fine

The album does take a big turn from the beginning which has faster tempo songs and uses jazz to present her voice. As it progresses, the songs become more acoustic and simple allowing her voice to really take the stage. The acoustic indie songs are the more interesting ones of the release. They allow her to take her time during beats and present a really great audio landscape.

I’m Fine’s jazz songs are the ones that feel a bit out of place. She does a good job of singing with them, but they lack the interesting tone of the acoustic songs. Her voice has a lot of potential to reach farther, but sounds like she’s holding back a little.

장윤주 is an artist that most people will not have heard of, but I’m Fine is an excellent mixture of styles, though the indie acoustic pop songs are stronger than the jazz-infused tracks.

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  1. Well, she’s also a pretty good MODEL! lol xD Multitalented :))

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