Oldfish‘s Room.Ing is a 19 song album containing the similar style found on his other releases with the same electro-pop style. The music takes on different tempos and melodies, but the focus of the music is still really great indie-pop sounds.

oldfish room.ing

His voice fits the music perfectly, having a slightly off-melody tone that fits the instrumentals on each song. 19 songs is a lot to listen through, but he keeps a great variety of songs throughout keeping everything interesting. Some songs use more recognizable instruments along with the synth elements that his track usually have.

Oldfish can create songs that remind me of FreeTEMPO or early Clazziquai Project, the synth he creates gives each song a distinct voice. The slower songs don’t have a problem remaining interesting as they contain more elements to decipher on multiple listens.

You’re going to get an great mix of styles on Room.Ing showing the creativity of Oldfish. While some songs do sound old in style, they still have an addictive tone to them.

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