Going through some of the albums on Electric Muse’s bandcamp, I came across Telefly, a band that I listened to a couple songs from before. Reading Anna’s interview with them from 2011, they describe themselves as blues and psychedelic.

telefly ultimate psychedelic

That’s a good description because the band mixes the two styles in their songs very well. While not as blues-focused as , the elements of blues rock do show themselves on a lot of the songs. This is also the same for the psychedelic elements that the band puts in. The song “My Blues” is more blues-esque while “Take Off” has the psychedelic presentation. It’s not as if the band chooses to play one style per song, and they mix it together well.

Ultimate Psychedelic has 11 songs, all of which are really interesting and they do enjoy playing a variety of tempos so nothing sounds too similar. You can even hear some slight post-rock mixed in which fits naturally. “여름꽃” is one of the best examples of this. An album from 2011, Telefly really present an album that doesn’t have a signature date on it.

It’s easy to get drawn into the music on Ultimate Psychedelic. The beats and melodies are addictive and the band arranged many amazing songs. The album is one of the easiest to get into and the album continues to impress throughout each song.

Telefly on Twitter.

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