Dream Pop is the work of one man who goes by the name of Rainbow99. Focused in mainly instrumentals of live instruments mixed with synth and electronica, the album is a joy for people who enjoy ambient electronica. Rainbow99 creates audio landscapes with his music and even though there are repetitive parts to songs, they follow along each verse to create interesting melodies.

rainbow99 dream pop

The album starts off with a song that’s the same as the album, “Dream Pop.” This is a perfect introduction to the album because it’s full of layered samples while the backbone is held together with live drums. It goes through different themes in the verses which keeps it interesting even though the core of the song remains unchanged.

Moving through the album is like listening to a different perspective to the same scenery. There’s a common thread throughout all the songs even though they have separate melodies. “KTX” has a darker overall tone and more developed with rock in mind, but still adds the overlayed synth throughout the song giving it the same tone as other songs on the album.

There are only a few tracks with any vocals, but all the instrumentals are just as good or even better, given that they are not hindered by having to allow vocals to follow melodies. Dream Pop is an interesting album that requires multiple listens to hear all the distinct voices that blend together on the first time though.

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