After reading Anna’s news about the free single, I was interested in hearing what a collaboration with Bryan Cho would result in. A Day’s Work is very much an indie release with a very raw style among all the songs. It has a definite base in alternative rock, garage rock, and even some punk rock.

baik eun sol a day's work

With only three songs, it’s hard to tell how much each person contributed to the music. It definitely has elements of The Black Skirts while sounding different from his latest official album. The recording of A Day’s Work is both raw and processed. While the vocals may have been mixed without any post-processing, the arrangements of the songs have samples that aren’t easily producable without some additional tools.

Baik Eun Sol does present three different songs like she wanted to try these styles on songs. The last song is the most surprising because it’s a slow mellow song that contrasts what she performed previously.

For a quick collaboration, A Day’s Work is a lot of fun to listen to. It would be interesting if Bryan Cho worked with her on a full-length because she would be able to expand her style on more songs and experiment even more.

Baik Eun Sol on bandcamp.

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