A re-release of their previously titled Peep, this new expanded version adds three more songs. Even though some songs were already in English, Peep is smart by reintroducing the band with what sounds like a better mix and mastering of the songs.

coremagazine peep 2013

The previously released songs from Peep make another appearance, though the sound quality is improved. New songs like “Don’t Stop Movin'” and a Korean version of “Regret” which was originally in English also make appearances. as well as a Korean version of “Too Late to Say.”

So there is only one true new song amongst the new tracks. This does allow CoreMagaZinE to speak more to their Korean audiences, but it would have been nice to hear more new songs after the time between releases.

Peep (2013) is more for completionists who need all the band’s releases though there isn’t enough new content to make it absolutely worth buying. Though the improved sound quality does make all of CoreMagaZinE’s songs sound a lot better than when they were originally released.

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