I don’t know much about Jinbo, though I did see his music video for “Cops Come Knock.” I assumed that Jinbo is a hip-hop artist, but a lot of the first impression sounds much more like R&B. It’s a little different because the instrumentals that Jinbo uses have a different sound from other performers.

jinbo fantasy

It actually has a dated tone while still sounding new. On Fantasy, it’s easy to get drawn into the music on each song. The samples are very heavy into finding a groove that moves from verse to verse. There are also guest vocals on the album like Ill Jeanz and Swings adding a contrasting style. The mixture of English and Korean songs is interesting because it’s easy to see Jinbo performing these songs internationally and getting a good response.

His songs are a mixture of electronica and R&B, but doesn’t allow samples to overcome any of the songs. Any fan of R&B will probably enjoy listening to Fantasy, partially because it has a different presentation of songs that other R&B artists.

There are a lot of great songs on Fantasy and it’s one of those albums that will sit in rotation because it can fit a lot of moods. Jinbo is different from other artists I’ve listened to in the R&B genre and that’s a great thing.

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