I didn’t know it at the time, but a member of Rooster Ride stopped by when I was filming Yellow Monsters 3rd Anniversary show. Rooster Ride’s style is pop rock. It comes across as direct and high energy. There’s really nothing amazing in the style of music that they chose, but their energy makes every song fun and enjoyable.

rooster ride

고생 끝에 Rock이 온다 is just an EP with six songs with the single “Shooting Star” containing and original version and radio edit. They do slow down after “Shooting Star” with “Pouring Rain” featuring a slower tempo and more ambient tones with the drum kit and guitar. It’s also the longest song on the album at almost six minutes. “Pouring Rain” also has the feel of a shoegaze song with how the instrumentals feed into the theme of the song.

Other songs on the album follow the pop rock style and keep up the energy that the band displays on other songs. After listening to the EP, you end up wanting more music from Rooster Ride because their music gets addictive the more you listen to it. They have displayed a good introduction to their music with 고생 끝에 Rock이 온다 and they need to continue honing their sound and hopefully release more music within the year.

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