I originally interviewed Crying Nut in 2012 and asked if they would be recording a new album, now a year later, Flaming Nuts has finally been released. The band changes things a little on this new album, moving a bit away from the punk and rock from previous albums and expand with ore styles.

crying nut flaming nuts

The song “Give Me the Money” is a perfect example of the band bringing in a different style into their song collection. It’s a bit more pop punk from the United States in the 90s, but it still a lot of fun. Flaming Nuts sounds like Crying Nut is comfortable making music they’re interested in creating. Even though it has a different style from previous albums, it’s easy to hear that it’s still Crying Nut from Yoonsik‘s vocals to Insoo‘s keyboards and accordion.

While some people may have wanted more of the same, it’s great to hear Crying Nut releasing an album of songs that are different and in ways, free them from their old core style into a more fun and upbeat album.

Flaming Nuts could polarize fans through the recording of the album, but if you ever see the band live, then these songs will translate to their live performance perfectly. One of the big things with the album is that it sounds like other members take turns on the vocals. This changes some of the feeling of the songs because the recognizable vocals aren’t there and the songs that other members sing on are also in a different style. There’s a perfect example with “New Shoes” which sounds like a bluegrass or folk album.

Each Crying Nut album is impressive and a the members continue to make music, it makes sense that they’re going to want to explore and experiment from the core style and they did it with Flaming Nuts. The album may be my favorite because it reaches into a lot of directions at once, but still presents itself as a cohesive album.

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