Nell is a band that will always be very popular. From their return album and EP, the band has created excellent music. Releasing another EP, Escaping Gravity adds even more extra effects on the music outside of the band. The extra flourishes could be created live through guitar effects and keyboards, but the band have a controlled excess on the first song “Boy – X.”

nell escaping gravity

Describing Nell as a rock band is the simplest way to describe the music, but they have a lot more elements in their music. The vocals on “Ocean of Light” are more pop and the song sounds like an OST song. It’s strange that you can stop listening to Nell for months and still recognize their sound from the first song.

Escaping Gravity will satisfy fans who want more Nell, but it doesn’t come across as impressive as their return album. It’s a little bit more of the same, expanding their song collection. That’s not to say they make bad song, each one is perfectly crafted in their style.

Long time Nell fans will enjoy the EP as it’s one of their most polished releases, but any one who hasn’t been convinced of their music style probably will not be swayed.

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