When Anna wrote about Kirin for the news site, I thought it was the return of an artist from the 1980s making a comeback. Based off his physical appearance, which is much different from other artists, Kirin has a different style that is strange but addictive. It’s very much reminiscent of the 80s style of music.


It’s difficult to really describe Kirin’s music other than it sounds really nostalgic. 그대여 이제 is from 2011, but is a travel to the past. Even song on the 14 track album sounds like it was made and recorded 20 years ago. But that’s the charm of the music because it’s laid back music that uses really melodic instrumentals rather than hard beats.

I have to recommend that you listen to Kirin without knowing much about his music if you’ve never heard him before. Just think of music that sounds aged, but is performed really well with amazing style and production. 그대여 이제 is a perfect example of an artist creating the music that they want to create and pulling it off with amazing results.

Even though the release is from two years ago, it doesn’t even matter. Listen to Kirin if you have a chance.

Kirin on Twitter.

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