I didn’t know what kind of music Javo Island played, but once I heard the first few songs, I knew what type of music the band would be perfect for. Javo Island is excellently named. The music from the band is mellow indie pop rock with a very strong focus on mixing melodies through the vocals and instruments.

javo island to the island

One of the possibilities with music like this is that it becomes very repetitive, but To the Island is the opposite. There is a definite mix of music that keeps the album moving. Javo Island’s vocals are one of the reasons the album is easy to follow. They keep each song alive and use more than just main vocals by adding interesting use of background vocals to expand songs.

There is a nostalgic theme with Javo Island’s music. “Hello My Girl” is an example of sounding like early 2000s popular rock in the United States. It doesn’t make the music boring, but makes you more interested in what other styles you may hear. Even though Javo Island don’t present anything advanced in their music, each song is enjoyable.

I would place Javo Island in the same area as Goonam in style and tone. While Goonam does have a parallel style and is sometimes a little weird, both bands really know how to use melodies. Give Javo Island a listen and you will probably get a little addicted to the excellent melodies on multiple songs.

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