The 2013 Set List from Things We Say is a preview of what the band will play during their 2013 tour. If you’re unable to attend any of the shows, this is the perfect way to hear the great punk style the band plays.

things we say

At first listen, it sounds like early A.F.I. from California. Things We Say’s style sounds like it borders on hardcore, but even though the vocals don’t have strong melodies and sounds more spoken than sung, the energy from each song is impressive. It’s on that line between punk and hardcore, but it doesn’t really matter because Things We Say made some amazing songs.

With ten songs, the release is a great way to hear a genre that’s not as pronounced in South Korea. There are a lot of bands, but they don’t get the same attention. Things We Say is a band that deserves a lot more attention. The raw style that the band plays is perfect if you’re looking something different.

The best part of Things We Say is that they sound very honest in their music. Every song sounds like it’s played as hard as possible. While you can say the music has simple arrangements, Things We Say make every song sound like it takes more than skill to play.

Any punk fan will enjoy Things We Say because it has all the perfect elements to produce excellent songs. There aren’t any extra bits to song and each one sounds like it’s been polished into a very focused track. While it’s not as popular, punk and hardcore are alive in South Korea and Things We Say is an example of that.

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