Seeing that Yozoh released a second full-length, I went back to older releases. Her first album, Traveler, was much brighter and indie pop. Compared to that, 나의 쓸모 is more subdued. She’s moved on to create more melodic songs and with a good variety of tones.


Overall, the sound is more mature. The first single, “Flower Pot (화분),” is an amazing re-introduction to Yozoh and on the album it’s the second song. “나의 쓸모,” the first song on the album is a simple vocal and piano track with some added guitar in the second part of the song. The album is a mix of indie pop, indie rock, and some more simple tracks like on “Mr. Smith.”

The previous singles showed the progression of her music, but coming from her previous full-length, this sounds like a brand new artist. It’s a skewed album with the range of songs. While the strong single displays one style, the album doesn’t follow that theme throughout each of the songs.

Yozoh’s second album is also a perfect companion to Han Heejung‘s second album. Both albums have different styles than previously seen. But as much as I like Han Heejung’s second album, Yozoh’s is more my style. The journey from start to finish is incredible and it requires a second and third listen to digest the whole album.

It’s nice to see a return of an artist who hasn’t released much music and with an example set with 나의 쓸모, other musicians should feel comfortable evolving their style.

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