Kyu of Townhall Records/Dada Music had been hounding me to listen to Things We Say and I was finally able to purchase an album online. The band also had an US tour in the works and were working on dates.

Both of us got busy and forgot about the interview for a couple weeks until I finally got a review of their tour set online, and then we both remembered about it. I got questions together and Victor, lead singer, answered them.

They’re currently on tour, so if you can see them, please go and show some support.

things we say interview

Can you introduce the band?

We are Things We Say from Korea. We play youth crew influenced hardcore punk.

Things We Say is a collaboration of members of established bands, how did it start?

I, Victor, wanted to start a band back in 2004. Ki, the singer of The Geeks wanted to play bass. Junsung, the guitarist of The Geeks wanted to help until we found a guitarist. Yongjun joined as a guitarist and Kameron as a drummer. Ki and I were always in the band and the other band members changed many times.

I don’t think we’re a collaboration band. It just happened to be like all the other members play in other bands, too.

What influences Things We Say in composing songs?

We got influences from 80s Revelation Records bands and many other current hardcore bands from US.

The lineup of Things We Say has changed a lot since the start of the band, did this lead to a change in the style of music the band played?

Not so much. I was the one mainly involved in writing songs. But you can expect something little different from our new EP, Time to Change. Because we all wrote the songs together this time.

Many Korean bands want to tour the US, but Things We Say is traveling for a US/Canada tour. How was this decided?

Touring US has always been one of our goals. But this time was different, because we really took some actions to achieve the goal and scarified.

Are there big differences (experienced/expected) between South Korea and US/Canadian audiences at shows?

We’ve never been to US audiences, but most of the people who came to our shows in Korea loved us. So I really hope that kids in North America dig our music, too.

The tour hits cities in the East Coast. Are there plans to return and expand into new areas, like attending SXSW (South by Southwest)?

I’ll be satisfied enough with this tour, but who knows and if we get another chance, that would be so awesome!

Is the punk and hardcore scene in South Korea growing?

I’m not sure if it’s growing big. But I like it as it is now. Not too big and not too small.

Are there other bands Things We Say suggests for people to listen to?

Bands from Korea you should check out are Find the Spot, Banran, Scumraid, The Veggers, Animal Anthem, Yuppie Killer, Sidecar, Whatever that means, … and many more.

Any goals for the tour?

Seeing kids dig us, meeting cool people, not getting lost, not getting thieves breaking into the van, not being sic,k and selling enough merch I guess.

Is there something each member wants to do during the tour outside of performing?

Sightseeing, shopping and eating good food.

Anything to say to readers?

Thank you so much for the interview. Please find out more about Korean punk and hardcore scene. It is great!

Things We Say on Facebook.
Things We Say on Twitter.
Things We Say on bandcamp.

More bands are taking the chance to tour in the United States and Things We Say are one of the most different with their style of punk and hardcore. If you are anywhere close to a show, I highly recommend that you venture out to see them.

It’s difficult to find hardcore outside of Korea with limited resources to find their music. But Things We Say’s bandcamp is a good place to start and take notice of Victor’s recommendations for bands.

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