Working in the reverse direction of Beautiful Days‘ discography, it becomes clear that the band went through some changes. 4 was much more melancholy while 내일이 없는 것처럼 contains a great diversity of songs.

beautiful days 내일이 없는 것처럼

It’s strange to say, but the third album has more life in a lot of the songs. There’s a positive energy throughout the album. Oh Hee Jung’s voice moves even farther from her solo release, but given the time difference between the releases that’s expected. Her voice is melodic and covers a wide range.

She sounds comfortable singing over any of the songs.Tthe songs also contain different styles, allowing the band to present a variety of sound. The album also contains one of my favorite songs by the band, “Lovebomb.”

It’s not a technically difficult song, but it’s the combination of the rock arrangement and Heejung’s voice as it flows on the song. It sounds like it was recorded in ¾ time giving it a swinging beat.

The album overall displays some great songs and it has a lot of different voices and pulls the band in different directions. While the core of the band is rock, the additional influences kept the music fresh.

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