I originally saw Kim Il Du on EBS Space, a Korean music show that showcases different bands. I heard of the name and recognized that he is also part of the Genius, a Busan punk band. I wasn’t aware that he composed blues and folk songs as solo artist.

kim il du suspens

Suspens is an interesting album. It sounds very simple and low key with the focus on the guitar and his voice. Even when songs sound disjointed and somewhat unorganized, there is a hypnotic effect that makes you listen to each beat and note. With fifteen songs, there’s a lot to digest.

His voice also isn’t very melodic and sometimes it sounds like he’s just speaking over the guitar. But even these songs are compelling. Songs don’t come across as very complication and the recordings sound very simple. It’s possible to hear him changing chords and moving from note to note.

I don’t really know what to make of Kim Il Du. Suspens is an amazing album because of the way it presents itself. He really has a very conversational way of singing verses for every song and it makes you want to keep listening.

Since I’m not familiar with Genius, I can’t say if there’s a huge divide between the two styles, but as a solo artist, Kim Il Du makes some great music that sounds like simple, yet complicated blues and folk musc.

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