I wasn’t aware that W&Whale stopped being a group until a bit before New Kid in Town was released. W&JAS uses a different style than what I expected considering W&Whale. Instead of straight electro-pop, W&JAS is much more melodic and contains a lot of ballad style vocals even when it’s supported by synth.

w&jas new kid in town

The EP is dramatic and flows like a soundtrack. Containing six songs with an introduction track, the release starts with “별을 쫓는 아이.” It actually reminded me a lot of previous Japanese bands that I listened to previously. JAS’s voice is excellent though and the instrumentals follow her voice perfectly.

It’s precise in tone and the arrangements of songs show a controlled restraint in moving into bigger, power ballads. Unaffected by post-processing, JAS’ voice is an entirely new sound. “Green” is a perfect example of this.

New Kid in Town is an introduction to this new group and the band created some excellent melodic electonica pop. The drastic change might be jarring, but I actually prefer this sound. There’s a lot of potential with this new group and it should be interesting to see what they work on next.

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