The return of Ratios makes me very happy. Dropping “The” that came with Burning Telepathy, the band’s first full-length, Lusty Initialization contains a lot of the same songs.

the ratios

From listening, tracks were re-recorded, remastered, or remixed, but I’m not entirely sure. Songs like “Punk Not! Sister X” is a new version of “Punk & Roll” and “Dog Star” is a new version of “Rockstar.” The album is very much a first introduction to the band’s electro-rock style.

Burning Telepathy is one of the albums I specifically looked for when I visited Seoul and now Lusty Initialization is one I also want to find. The band’s style is very addictive with the live instruments mixing with the synth and keyboard accents that give Ratio’s their signature sound.

Even with twelve songs, the album goes by quickly but it’s also one that gets better and better on repeat. I’m not sure if this is a formal return of the band as some members are working on other projects, but hearing Ratios’ sound again is a pleasure.

The space between 2008 and 2013 didn’t dull the style and sound of the band. Their music has a timeless approach because I can listen to the first full-length and get the same feelings I get from Lusty Initialization and that is both releases are excellent albums.

Whatever the reason Ratios have returned, dropped “The,” and essentially re-released their first album, I don’t really care. Ratios were an early discovery for me and it’s excellent to see them back again.

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