As much as I explore many genres of Korean music, punk is still one of my favorite. Startline kind of came out of nowhere to me. I saw updates from the band on Facebook, but didn’t really know much about them – until I saw the drummer. The drummer of Startline is the drummer for GUMX. This made me really interested if he would bring his talents into a punk band or some other genre.

startline light my fire

Startline is a great three piece pop punk band. The six song EP, Light My Fire, is an excellent nostalgic return to my days when I listened to a lot of pop punk. The band’s music is addictive, upbeat, and just a lot of fun. The main vocals are male, but the supporting female vocals add a youthful tone to each verse that is sung. There isn’t a song that I don’t enjoy on Light My Fire. Each one carries a positive feeling and makes you want to listen to the EP on repeat.

I’m not sure exactly when the band formed, but their Facebook page say 2013 so they are relatively new. But it’s possible that each member has experience prior to the band. Startline play exactly the kind of pop punk (or melocore as they say) that’s fast in tempo, but still focuses a lot on melody throughout every song.

Moving around different genres of Korean music, there are less prominent punk bands. I’m sure there are a lot, but they more difficult to find. Startline is one of the best new bands I’ve heard and the fact that they’re playing a style that can be new and nostalgic is great.

Startline on Facebook.
Startline on Twitter.

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