As Love X Stereo venture to the United States for their tour, they released Glow, the newest EP. Fans of Love X Stereo’s older releases will find a slight difference with Glow. The music is a step up from Off The Grid and Buzzin’. The previous recordings of Love X Stereo hold back the energy that the band has during live performances, but Glow sounds like the band is reaching to a new direction.

love x stereo glow

Glow is definitely within the same core sound that the band creates, but this time Glow is a bit more upbeat. There was an underlying aggressive feeling with the previous EPs, but the single “부끄러워요” felt different.

The four new songs are excellent additions to the library of music from the band, but it definitely shows the time between releases. The music is more mature and feels more polished. Love X Stereo’s live performances are amazing, but there has been a slight disconnect between the recordings and the lives and Glow sounds like the bridge has been made.

My favorite song is “Secrets” because it has a feeling of continuation of “Storm” while not directly pulling the same elements. The band continues to create excellent songs and Glow is the perfect introduction to new fans.

The remix tracks of the old songs are great re-introductions to those songs as well for old fans and I’m sure it’s going to make people who’ve never heard of Love X Stereo want to explore the older releases.

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