Like a lot of bands, I found out about Wasted Johnny’s through YouTube. The blues rock style that the band plays is a bit different from other blues musicians that I’ve found before. The other blues musicians are mainly solo and Wasted Johnny’s delivers their sound as a three piece.

wasted johnnys

Get Wasted! is a four song single. The start is “Crossroad Meet the Devil” which is a perfect start with a heavy guitar and bass riff accompanied by the drums. Vocalist Angie gives a lot of depth in each song. Her voice is husky and contains a lot of power especially on “Bad Man.” The improvisational nature of blues gives a lot of space in live shows and this is allowed on the songs, though in a slightly more contained form.

Get Wasted! is an excellent introduction to the band, though it immediately makes you want more music. The band shows a slower side with “We Are More Than Just Lovers” with more mellow song that sounds like a mix between blues and lounge. It’s my favorite song on the album. The song is where all the best elements of Wasted Johnny’s come together. Angie’s voice, the excellent guitar solo, and the guiding hand of the drums.

Wasted Johnny’s are a band to watch because while the genre they play isn’t new, the way they arrange the songs is different. Each song fits an arc over Get Wasted! and the final song “LOUD and headache Girl” shows how the band is combining genres to create their style.

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