Anna originally mentioned Electricity Flowing on the koreanindie Facebook page so I took a listen to the EP on bandcamp. After hearing the first song, “문득 (Suddenly),” I bought the digital EP and listened to it from start to finish. Describing themselves as a “cheesy and catchy synth pop duo” I can partially agree that they play synth pop. But I wouldn’t call it “cheesy.”

electricity flowing guilty pleasure

Guilty Pleasure is a good electro-pop album that is light and upbeat. It’s a mixture of indie pop that’s supported through synth and fun beats. I don’t know how serious the music is supposed to be, but I can imagine a live show is a lot of fun to watch. “Intimacy” is the second song, but I think it’s the best introduction to the duo. It has an international flair in the arrangement.

The song after, “살아있었네 (alive),” also has the same tone. It’s a focus on melody rather than bass and makes the song move with a slight groove and flow. Guilty Pleasure has six songs so it’s great as a first introduction. It also feels complete and gives a full impression. While I’m interested in hearing more music from Electricity Flowing, the EP does a good job of providing a full sound.

Guilty Pleasure is a good refresh if you’ve been listening to one genre consistently. It’s different, but familiar enough that it’s not a jarring step. Combined with the fun and addictive style of the music, Electricity Flowing have released a great album for 2013.

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