The first song on First Flight is a Nirvana cover of “Smells like Teen Spirit.” It’s hard to see the potential of a band through a cover, but I can say I enjoyed the cover a lot. U.N.O. was able to capture the energy of Nirvana and didn’t make a beat-for-beat copy of the song.

uno first flight

As the EP continues, the band comes into its own. U.N.O. is a rock band, but it’s a little difficult to find their signature. It could be that the band is still creating songs, but while the band can play fun songs they don’t have a signature that makes them stick out. It could be that First Flight is the first official release or they are very new, and this is just their first introduction.

They remind me of The Lads, Riot Kidz, and elements of Square the Circle, taking melodic vocals, high energy, and a specific use of the guitar that is fun. “Love Song” is a fun song that doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously, but I came away wanting more. As the EP continues, the band is able to make more of an impression.

It could be that U.N.O. is a new band and it still growing on making their own sound. They have tons of potential to make song great music and the songs on First Flight show that. It could be that they’re lacking some polish, but I’m really looking forward to more music from them.

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