Rhythm Power has been part of the underground hip-hop scene for a while, but not by name. The trio was part of 킹더형 레코드 in 2009. Through circumstances, however, the hip-hop collective was distilled into what we know today as Rhythm Power, comprised by Hangzoo, Boi.B, and Geegu In (or Mr. G for short). They fall into the standard nomenclature of naming their latest EP as The Trio – Stage One, but should you take the first step?

rhythm power

Amoeba Korea has gone through some unsavory press with the bitter leaving of E-Sens from Supreme Team, so “The Trio” is candy to rid the aftertaste from people’s minds. Throwing the label’s fullest on this EP, Rhythm Power makes a strong case for pop recognition while still adhering to the sound that gave the guys recognition. The EP opens with the Mild Beats-produced “폼나게 (Let`s Walk),” a hip-hop romp with a marching band flair. It has a pleasing bounce, giving you space to see that the trio is legit as a rap outfit. All three songs are written by the group, which is an added bonus to the entire package.

The lead single, “Bond Girl,” is a first for the current hit-making duo, Primary and Zion.T. While their previous efforts were hip-hop and R&B flavored, “Bond Girl” is an all out, James Brown-inspired funk fest. It’s that happy-go-lucky attitude that makes The Trio – Stage One a great listen. The EP doesn’t push into new territories, admittedly, but not every song should.

After the Supreme Team mess, Rhythm Power’s The Trio – Stage One is a welcome reprieve. A concise package at 15 minutes and solid delivery by the guys makes this EP a fun diversion, while introducing new fans to their rap talents.

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