When I saw the email from Soulfulmonster, I was curious to hear the music from a debut release that was in the R&B genre. It’s not a genre that I’ve explored very deeply with most of my interest starting and stopping with Bobby Kim.

Much Love was a surprise. While it definitely has signs of a debut release, there is a lot of potential in the seven song release. There are a couple songs that aren’t as compelling like the introduction track “Ukraine (Reprise)” and “Party’s Over” because they are more instrumental tracks, but the songs surrounding those are really good.

soulfulmonster much love

Soulfulmonster’s vocal style reminds me more of international R&B artists and slight hints of Taeyang in the delivery of verses, but it also sounds like he’s staying in a safe zone. I feel like he has a broader range than what’s shown on Much Love. “흔들리지 말어” is the first main track. With an excellent slow, but groove-focused instrumental, Soulfulmonster is able to introduce himself very well. The song also reminds me a bit of Justin Timberlake though without the higher soprano-style vocals.

The release flows very well with the songs with proper vocals like “엘리베이터” and overall I found myself enjoying the EP on repeat. There are so many signs of how much Soulfulmonster could improve in the future. In part, it would be interesting to hear him try a faster tempo and expand his vocal range on songs.

Much Love as a debut release hits a lot of excellent points and shows a lot of promise. It sounds like he can do a lot more and hopefully it’ll be heard in the future.

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