It’s been a long time since I’ve listened to K.AFKA. The last release I heard from them was The Most Beautiful Thing which was released in 2010. Now with The Human Psyche they bring back their experimental sound in full force. The twelve song full-length is damn amazing.

kafka human psyche

Describing K.AFKA is difficult because they combine so many elements. It’s a mixture of rock, electronica, and strange elements. The songs move at different paces. “The Ghost” sounds like a gothic slow-tempo rock song and sounds like it should meet some kind of climax that it never reaches. Then “Beyond the Ruins” is a synth-rock song. The core of each song is consistent through each song, but the difference between each track is noticeable.

It’s great to see that K.AFKA have returned because they make great music. Older releases felt a little slower, but the ambient aggressiveness that can be heard on these songs is amazing. I really enjoy listening to each song because it’s different from other music that’s being released in Korea.

The duo have always arranged and created music that they wanted, but they found a very compelling style that fits a lot of moods and shows off the complex arrangements. Even with the song sounds simple, there are tons of smaller elements that sit under the vocals and the main melody.

K.AFKA have returned and at the same time may have introduced themselves to people who have never heard of them. It’s one of the most different albums of 2013, but also one of the “must-listen” albums. It you enjoy experimental electro-rock, then K.AFKA is perfect.

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