A member of 3rd Coast, Han Sohyun released a solo EP. I’ve heard of 3rd Coast, but never heard their music. But Han Sohyun’s voice on Oh My Darling is now a reason to search them out. With her solo release, the six songs show off a very mellow and melodic voice. Easily moving from beat and melody, Han Sohyun is able to create an immersive world with her voice.

han so hyun oh my darling

The EP starts with “Oh My Darling” which carries a base in a mixture of jazz and pop. Her voice isn’t particularly stressed in the song, but it does sound like a downstairs club with an accompaniment of piano, brass, guitar, and drums. “Sorry” jumps to a ballad style song. It’s also the song where her voice expands a lot more in the chorus. It does continue the slower tempo that “Oh My Darling” had, but the different style shows the versatility of her voice.

The style changes again with “Night & Day” allowing Han Sohyun to adopt a more indie-pop with jazz style. Her voice can explore different styles and succeed very easily. I’m most curious to see how this song is performed live. But my favorite song is “Go Away.” It uses the same brass and jazz band sound, but the vocal delivery has the most power and attitude among the songs.

Oh My Darling is the perfect release when looking for something quieter and melodic. It’s a release that I found perfect after being surrounded with rock music. The calming effect of her voice is great to unwind to. Han Sohyun’s release is excellent and her voice is something I want to hear more of soon.

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