From their Disco Elevator days to Youth!, there is a significant change in their sound. Previously, Disco Elevator was a electro-pop EP. Haute Cotoure was an extension of that sound with a more professional display of talent. Then Cliché was a jump back into the 80s electronica and pop.

Youth! is another step forward. On Disco Elevator, the band felt a green. Youth! feels like they’re much more comfortable in creating music that they want and have found their voice.

glen check youth

Youth! is presented as a two part album. Essentially two EPs combined into one release. The start of the Youth! reminds me of the Disco Elevator days combined with Cliché. It’s moved from electro-indie into more direct electronica and dance music. If this is the sound that defines Glen Check, then it’s a great place to be.

The music has a very innocent feeling like on “Summer Hearts.” It’s “feel good” music that relies on great melodies and repeating vocals to keep the tempo moving. The first half of Youth! is more of a band sound.

The second half is much more DJ, electronica, and dance music. Glen Check make music that any fan of the these genres will find enjoyable. They know how to create really addictive dance music and on Youth!, they live up to the name with this energy. The second half uses small elements of their previous releases, but show of how they create dance music.

Youth! is the natural progression of the band. As they learned their tools over time, they’ve become excellent song creators. Fans of Glen Check will likely enjoy this release as much as previous ones because they didn’t jump into a new genre, just fine-tuned their own style. Glen Check is also a band you could present internationally and get instant comparisons to artists that are popular worldwide.

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