This year marks the tenth anniversary of one of my favorite groups, Brown Eyed Soul. Known for their R&B sound, the male quartet has only gotten better with time, with their third self-titled album, Brown Eyed Soul, one of my all-time favorites. To mark the milestone, BES released the anniversary single, Always Be There, an ode to fans.

I am always happy to hear the guys together, especially after this latest drought. From their third album in 2010, the guys have had solo projects, some even multiple releases. As a comeback, “Always Be There” is a return to their softer side. Naul isn’t singing to the rooftops and the harmonies are smooth and sweet. This single is no way near to “He Is Real,” but it’s like a comforter in the fall, a reminder of the past, and of what’s to come.

A celebration of what makes Brown Eyed Soul, “Always Be There” is a nice return to form. Though it isn’t flashy and catchy, the single is a refresher of the qualities that made BES famous, and the promise of more to come.

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