Vidulgi OoyoO is an interesting band. The English translation of their name means Pigeon Milk. The band has been around for a while, but hasn’t had a lot of official releases. Officially Pronounced ALIVE is the official second album and was produced independently.

vidulgi ooyoo officially pronounced alive

But with all that history, the band always kept playing live shows. The album is the result of all that time spent playing, fine tuning songs live, and recording them. I have to say while the core recognizable style of the band is still present, they have evolved from a release to release standpoint.

The defined style of the band is shoegaze and there’s a feeling of positivity, especially on “Mandala.” With so much time between releases, I don’t remember if the band used vocals before, but they make an appearance on a few songs like “Blow Me Off High.” This doesn’t take away and energy from the band at all and adds a new layer to the music.

Like all shoegaze, it’s impossible to listen through the album once and hear all the elements of each song. Officially Pronounced ALIVE is an album that’s best on repeat. The flow of the songs is perfect. The new version of “Good Night Shining” comes alive on the recording and really shows how the band has changed over the years.

It’s great to hear a new official release from Vidulgi OoyoO because the band create amazing songs that have previously only been capture through video. The album is a perfect soundtrack.

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