I’m a big fan of Taru‘s voice when she expands beyond the more pop-style songs she sometimes sings. Blind comes after Puzzle, but carries a much more mature sound. Containing five songs with one of them being an iPhone version of “나는 나를 미워해요,” Blind contains the sound that I enjoy the most.

taru blind

It’s the single “Rainy.” A slower indie ballad, it shows off her signature vocals that always impress when she’s pushing herself. The song is strong combined with some excellent instrumentals giving the song its large dimensional feel. It also features Taru uses her lower vocal range which has a very powerful sound.

“모기” is a different song because it highlights Taru’s other vocal style when she has a higher octave voice. It’s still very melodic, but contains a different emotion from “Rainy.” Overall, Blind feels different from Puzzle because it sounds a lot more like 100 Percent Reality which is a favored album.

Regardless, Taru can impress on any style she decides to sing on and Blind is more the style that I enjoy hearing her sing. She’s a musician that you should listen to because of how she manipulates her voice on different songs. While that variety isn’t really seen on the EP, it still presents the strength and variety she can use with vocals.

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