I have no idea who Happy Doghouse is and I am confused because of it. I found the pre-order on bandcamp and decided to buy it. There are six songs on the EP and starts with “boxcar dog” which is someone telling a story about a boxcar dog.


happy doghouse

Each song title has something to do with dogs, but aside from that the music is electro-pop. I’m honestly surprised how much I liked the bizarre nature of this EP. It sounds like a person made this in their spare time. But the music is surprisingly addictive. The EP also goes by quickly with the longest song at 2:39. “milk-bone” is my favorite song because it spends half the song setting up the tone and then the vocals start at the halfway point. It’s a song that’s surrounded by interesting samples of electronica, synth, and a drum beat that is rather complex.

That longest song is “시카고 다시가고싶다” which is translated as “I want to go back to Chicago.” The song has a short monologue and carries itself to the end with a MIDI keyboard melody. Strange, but still fascinating.

I have no idea what to make of Happy Doghouse. Other than the fact that the person makes some really funny songs that while sound lo-fi and recorded DIY, 행복한 강아지 집 is actually really good. I’m definitely interested in hearing more music.

Happy Doghouse on Facebook.

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