I found out about Sirena through a tweet from Yukari. A member of Googolplex, Sirena’s solo EP has some of the elements of the band, but presents an independent voice. Somewhere Nice is an excellent melodic electronica release. The first song, “We’re Floating In The Space,” is a perfect introduction by providing a strong melodic core surrounded by interesting grooves.

sirena somewhere nice

This continues with “Monster” which sounds like a continuation of “We’re Floating In The Space.” The layers in the song are deep with a lot of synth effects layered among the programmed beats, the multiple melodic lines, and the vocals. It’s interesting that in the mix, the vocals actually sit behind the instrumentals. Add in the processing applied to the vocals and it creates a different kind of song.

Even though there are only five songs on Somewhere Nice, there is a nice variety to the music. It’s definitely a laid back album filled with great songs and is perfect for fans of electronica and synth. It actually sits very nice with Echo by Yukari and some of the early work on Sima Kim, bridging the all the styles together.

Somewhere Nice has that timeless quality so it will probably never sound dated regardless when you first listen to it. And even with the small number of tracks, it feels like a complete release. It’s also an EP that caters to repeat listens. I’m not sure if Sirena will release more music in the future, but I hope there is more music especially if it’s of this caliber.

Sirena on iTunes.

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