I bought NOEAZY‘s Land of Abomination the moment I saw it on bandcamp. Funny enough, I’d only heard of the band and only heard a couple songs. Another insanely great band of the hardcore and metal genre, NOEAZY’s power in their songs is amazing. I don’t know how each member can keep up the intensity each moment they play, but they succeed easily on the album.

noeazy land of abomination

The five piece create layered music, which is easily heard on “Writings on the Wall.” The dual guitars create opposing and connected melodies and rhythms between the work of Hyungki Kim and Jungjun Park. Bassist Hayoung Aska Cho and drummer Yuna Kang help keep the tempo moving at what sounds like a breakneck pace. As a drummer, listening to Yuna Kang and even watching her live performances, I’m amazed at her ability.

NOEAZY’s precision on each song is impressive, just listen to “Genocide.” It hits so many different layers in 3:34. While I don’t listen to a large amount of hardcore music, I now know I need to spend more time exploring the genre. I’m sure that there are tons of bands. And that’s what NOEAZY can be with Land of Abomination, a first impression into the Korean hardcore and metal genre. The album is great and should please fans of the genre easily.

Releasing in the middle of 2013, NOEAZY’s album got unfortunately buried in a massive release of new music. Revisiting it now and I know that there are a lot more bands that I need to discover in the genre. You can’t miss the album because it’s amazing.

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