Once again, LudiSTELO continue to tease with another single. This time, Water Roof, only contains two songs but still presents another side of the band. The main single, “Water Roof,” is different from Delight and more similar to Play the Earth. The song is still different from the more ambient sound of Play the Earth, with some elements of songs on Delight making an appearance.

ludistelo water roof

Still, LudiSTELO released two very addictive songs. “Water Roof” is more of what I expect the band’s sound to be, mixing the electronica and rock together. The verses use electronica and synth to present one image and then the chorus jumps back into a rock-with-synth infused breakdown. This is the song that defines the style of the band. At 6:07, the song goes through a lot of different themes and the bridge breakdown is the standout. It’s one of my favorite songs.

The other track, “Magical Lights,” sounds like a song off Play the Earth with a little more aggressiveness. It produces an ambient introduction which then goes into a repeating rhythm and sample. It’s also an instrumental track with small amounts of distorted vocals. If anything, “Magical Lights” sounds like an intro or outro song to an album. It feeds into an opening or closing to an album by showcasing the general style of the band.

While I’m still waiting for a full-length, the teases that LudiSTELO gives with their singles makes me think that an official album will be amazing. Whether the band combines the singles into their first full-length is unknown but combining the singles together will make for an impressive album. Currently they’ve working on their full-length so hopefully there’s not much more time to wait.

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