It’s been a long time since I listened to Tearliner and since his last official work was released in 2009, there’s been a significant lack of Tearliner in my ears. It look a while to get the album since I couldn’t find it on iTunes at the time and bought a physical copy.

tearliner grey garden

In terms of coming back to Tearliner’s music, it feels nostalgic and fresh at the same time. The mellow songs contain impressive arrangements using a variety of instruments, not just the standard band setup. The lead single “Love Traveler” is a combination of samples, guitars, and strings. I can’t even imagine how the song was put together because while it flows freely and sounds somewhat simple, this song’s arrangement sounds very complex. Then songs like “You Love Spring, I Like Fall” have a more customary arrangement, but show Tearliner’s signature style.

That’s one of the best things about the album, it’s easily recognizable as his style even when he ventures into other genres. Grey Garden is an insanely dense album and with 15 songs, it requires a lot of repeat listens to hear every nuance. Given the fact that most of these songs were composed from 2004-2009, I’m curious if he rearranged some of the tracks.

Regardless, Grey Garden is going to be a classic album. The album definitely requires multiple listens. It’s impossible to appreciate each moment on every song in one pass. Tearliner is an important musician to know and listen to because his work and his style are amazing.

tearliner – Love Traveler [Official MV] from MJ Jang on Vimeo.

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