After seeing a lot of teasers for we hate jh‘s newest release, I was really excited to finally be able to hear the EP. Featuring five tracks and two remasters, the seven song EP does have a little overlap with “20” being a part of officially, we hate jh and demotiviation. The two remastered tracks come from middle ground. But with each release, we hate jh have moved from a solo vocal-guitar setup to a full band.

we hate jh officially we hate jh

While I enjoy the sound of just the vocals and guitar, the addition of bass and drums do flesh out the sounds and dynamics. Song like “the opportunist” have a bigger feeling with the support of expanded instrumentals. Vocals have a better mix with the music and allow them to maintain the primary voice within the songs. The acoustic style of the EP has great energy.

The songs by we hate jh continue to get better with each release. Arrangements on “afternoon” are excellent with the layered guitars adding support to the vocals and the drum and bass adding the tempo. The recording also keeps everything sounding very organic and without a lot of processing. This is the EP that people should listen to if they’ve never heard of we hate jh. Previous releases are good and show the progress of the music, but officially, we hate jh is the proper experience.

I don’t know if people will really find we hate jh as addictive as other bands, but the music is excellent. It carries great energy that continues through each song. The evolution of the sound continues from the first demo to this EP and it seems like there is still a lot of potential that hasn’t been discovered yet.

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