I’ve been seeing information about Pandaz through Facebook and was interested in hearing the sound of the band. Then I found out that the band is based in Busan and was part of the Busan City Compilation. That small sample led me to finding their album online.

pandaz self titled

The style of Pandaz is direct and excellent rock music. The eleven song album features strong and addictive music. It’s actually a step away from music that I hear from Seoul-based bands being a bit more simplistic. It’s not simplistic through the arrangements, but there is a pure quality to the music. “Still Waiting for You” is a perfect example of that. While Pandaz comes across as slightly blues-rock with the introduction to the first track “Liar,” they change that through the rest of the album.

Their slower songs like “Butterfly” are entrancing because it allows each verse to speak and even with repeating phrases, the song reinforces the themes. There are hints of older 90s rock in the songs and Pandaz knows how to use them well. There isn’t a weak song across the whole album.

Pandaz continue to prove that Busan has a thriving music scene that is producing excellent musicians and bands. There is still a lot of ground to cover to find out everyone who is there, but Pandaz is another great introduction.

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