I knew that Kim Il Du was a member of Genius, but I spent more time with his solo work. Now that I’m listening to Beaches, I realize I’ve been missing some great music. Beaches at its core is a garage punk rock album. It may not have songs that need a 160 beat tempo, but the mixture of rock, garage rock, and rockabilly (described as psychobilly on their bandcamp page) is a lot of fun.

genius beaches

With vocals mixed between members, the music is really raw and contains excellent energy. The fact that the recording is straight forward means that nothing is hidden and the talent of the band comes across on all the songs. I’d seen Kim Il Du perform “Get a Job” solo and it had a certain feeling to it, but listening to Genius play the song, this is the version that should always be played.

The 14 songs on Beaches were recorded over a year, but the style that the band uses makes everything sound timeless. I can see Genius sitting next to punk rock records released during the 80s and sounding perfectly natural next to them. Songs like “Everybody’s Fucking” and “Lost Dick” are my favorites. “Lost Dick” has a 1950s rockabilly sound and when you hear the lyrics, it makes the song that much better.

I’ve been behind the curve by not listening to Genius sooner. I’ll definitely be listening to other releases in the future. The emotion and talent of the band is very easy to hear and every song is an addictive listen. Beaches should be in your collection.

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