Introducing possibly the one of the more mellow-ed out indie singer next to the highly featured Urban Zakapa, Coffee Boy. Strangely, Coffee Boy has yet to be introduced even though he has been on the rise with a fairly good following especially for someone who produces ordinary, and a tad bit mundane, music.


Nonetheless, Coffee Boy reminds you of home away from home, a place where you can feel safe because it seems so familiar that it’s as if you have never stopped listening to him. If I could sum up his music in just few words to a stranger, I would say that his music is simplistic with a hint of modesty.

His most recently album titled To Be A Man, which released in November of last year, includes a song that is inspired by the famous narrative of The Little Prince who finds the true meaning of love in a mysterious rose that suddenly appeared in his tiny world. The Little Prince in the story repeats to himself, “I am responsible for my rose,” so that he would be sure to remember (Antonine de Saint-Exubery’s “The Little Prince”).

The song illustrates a story of a man who realized that he was not yet being a man when he had let his love go. He sings:

A man should have protected you
Should have known the meaning of your tears

If a man could not keep his words of everlasting love
then he should not have said it

A man should have been on your side
Should have known the meaning of true love.

For those who are interested in more of Coffee Boy, he has also collaborated with other prominent indie singers such as Taru in the song titled, “I like Antique Things

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