I’ve been watching Rock’n’Roll Radio since I saw one of their videos on YouTube. Finally being able to see the band live, I had a small idea of what to expect. What I wasn’t prepared for is how well the band played within their 30 minute set. With Seoulsonic 2K14 hosting five different bands, Rock’n’Roll Radio started off the night.

Rock'n'Roll Radio

With the show opening with “Mr.” I instantly knew that everything was going to be fine. The band started off in the signature riff of the song and it instantly connected. Considering the crowd was mainly attendees of CAAMFest and people who were probably there to see Glen Check, having Rock’n’Roll Radio open the show was the best idea.

Their style of rock was the perfect opener. I could tell that people weren’t familiar with their sound, but it only took that first song to get people dancing along. As Seoulsonic grows each year, the crowds have gotten better and this year was fantastic. Brick and Mortar has a great size that allowed people to move around, but get close to the band if they wanted.

Rock’n’Roll Radio are excellent performers live and even though they were in a city that didn’t know who they were, the band was able to win them over. I was drawn into the music pretty quickly since I was able to hear a lot of my favorites. I only wish that the set could have been longer.

But that being said, the time they were able to play I was in awe. The band is relatively new with only two releases so far, but they have the professionalism of mature musicians. I’m most surprised in how they were able to draw in the San Francisco crowd so well with most people not knowing who they were.

I’m sure that Rock’n’Roll Radio made some new fans who were expecting this type of music. Shut Up and Dance is a great album and one that really shows the diversity of music from South Korea.

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