After finding out that the Jang Kiha & The Faces show in NYC was going to be cancelled for visa issues, instead of crying in the corner in a fetal position, I decided to dedicate a post for the band with a song that describes my sentiments precisely. “I Almost Had It” was released April of 2013 and the story that came along with the song is just as puzzling as the content itself.


“I Almost Had It” was only made available for download through Hyundai Card Music without a fixed price — meaning that the fans were able to pay whatever they wanted to download the song after listening to the song. This act was seen as controversial because the band was trying to challenge the issues on piracy as well as the corruption within Korea’s music industry. It was also stated by the band that they wanted to see what how much the buyer thought the worth of music was.


The track and the music video combined tells narrative about a man diligently cooking a nice, traditional, Korean dinner to enjoy with his significant other just to face the senseless and quite baffling wrath of the girlfriend.

*Caution: You might feel a wave of disappointment followed by feelings of helplessness once the video is over.

Lastly, after binging on their music for a day, I would have to agree with Chris P’s initial statement of: “I like the album because it has a weird tone to it.”

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